Free Dribbling Drills for 8-year-old kids

Dribbling Drills – 1vs1 Battle


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• the coach plays in the game ball
• the first player from each team enters the grid chases after the ball and plays a 1v1 versus his opponent
• the first player to pass to coach is awarded a point for his team
• next game starts if the ball goes out of bounce or a pass is completed to coach
• the coach must be able to control the ball for it to count
• the team with most points wins

• set a time limit for each game (i.e. 30 seconds)
• the player with the ball must beat his opponent before he can pass to coach
• the player must play a lofted pass to coach
• adjust spacing depending on the age and ability of the group if necessary


• deception
• set up defender
• change of speed & direction
• protect the ball
• close control
• soft touch

• weight of pass
• accuracy
• disguise

• angle and speed of approach
• body shape, balance, and foot positioning
• control and restraint
• delay and channel
• deny turn


Dribbling Drills – Attackers vs Defenders 1


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• one team (defenders) defends the goal with goalie and one team defends (attackers) the line opposite to the goal
• defenders score by dribbling across the attacker’s end line with control
• attackers score by passing into one of the two mini goals off a first touch or on the goal with goalie off a second touch
• if defenders score, direction of play changes and they get to attack the goal with goalie and mini goals

• limit number of touches
• add neutral player
• adjust size of field if necessary


• quick transitions
• vision
• angle, distance and timing of support
• decision making
• verbal and visual communication
• create space for others
• attack space behind defense

• positioning to provide cover and balance
• intercept passes
• squeeze toward center
• track players
• visual and verbal communication

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