Free Finishing Drills for 8-year-old kids

Finishing Drills – 1vs1 Finishing Drill 4


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• player 1 passes to player 2 who receives the ball and attempts to finish on goal
• player 1 follows his pass and becomes a defender who prevents a shot on goal
• next sequence repeats from the other side
• players switch roles after each turn
• switch goalies

• shooter must finish on goal off his first touch
• pass-giver makes a throw-in to his partner
• pass-giver makes a lofted pass to the attacker
• set a time limit for the attacker to score
• adjust spacing depending on the age and ability of the group


• accurate passes
• quick finish
• get defender off balance
• quality of preparation touch
• aggressive and positive mentality
• placement versus power

• closing down – pressuring opponent
• angle and speed of approach
• delay and channel


Finishing Drills – Target Players 17


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• play 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, 7v7 etc.
• each team has one target player in their attacking zone
• players must stay in their designated zone
• teams try to make a pass to their target who lays the ball back for a shot on goal

• limit number of touches for targets
• goals must be scored off a first touch
• both targets are neutral which allows the teams to score on both goals
• allow shots from the middle zone with the target being able to go for a rebound after a shot on goal
• adjust size of field and / or target zone if necessary

• quick finish
• communication
• create supporting angles
• weight of pass
• accuracy
• vision
• first touch
• aggressive and positive mentality
• placement versus power

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