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Evolve your team’s pass quality!

The quality of a team’s pass depends a lot on the technical quality of its players, but also on the coach’s idea of ​​play. It is clear that the quantity and quality of passes can be decisive factors for the success of a team. This is due not only to the fluidity of the game […]

Develop your team’s ball possession effectively!

In a team, ball possession does not always mean victory. However, this is one of the most striking features. Possession of the ball combined with quick passes, strong pressure, and exploration of the playing field in search of space for opportunities, the commonly called tiki-taka has a strong presence in large teams. For a coach, […]

Start preparing the new season with new attacking exercises

Developing your team’s attack can bring numerous advantages in terms of increase the effectiveness in finishing (increasing the number of goals scored) and, as a result, can although is not the only factor, help your team to prosper in the championship. Although it is not the only aspect that leads a team to be champion, […]

Develop your team’s defense!

In soccer, we are often confronted with the saying that a team is built backward, from defense to attack and not the other way around. What is certain is that a team with a structured and secure defense is more likely to be successful in the championship. At a time when many coaches are already […]

New finishing exercises !

In a soccer game, one of the most appreciated qualities in a team is its ability to finish combined with its effectiveness.   Having a high percentage of shots on goal alone does not make a team the winner of the game.   To win a game and, consequently, a championship, it is necessary, in […]

Boost your team’s dribbling ability !

In soccer, there are many game techniques that stand out, not only for their effectiveness in a game, but also for the beauty of their performance.   One of the techniques that most embellishes a soccer game and leaves fans in high spirits is dribbling.   Knowing how to dribble the ball is not only […]

Upgrade your team’s quality pass!

In a soccer game, circulating the ball through accurate and quality passes is an important factor for a team’s overall performance.   Good ball movement allows you to explore all the possibilities in the attack, but also inhibits the opponent from creating danger.   In addition, circulating the ball across the entire playing field reduces […]

Brandit Group signs a partnership agreement with Club Deportivo Universidad Católica

Brandit Group signs a partnership agreement for the use of Scouting System Pro platform with Club Deportivo Universidad Católica from Chile, current champion of the Chilean League. For Jose Maria Buljubasich, Sports Manager of Club Deportivo Universidad Católica “Scouting is very important. Scouting System Pro will help us saving and later searching for all the […]