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This week we give you warm-up exercises

We know that preparing training sessions two or three times a week can be stressful and sometimes warm-up exercises can be monotonous given the repetition. However, warm-up exercises are the kick-off from a good training session and are also essential for increasing blood flow and preventing future injuries. Having a wide choice of warm-up exercises, […]

A special training session made for your busy weeks

Sometimes, it can be difficult to find time to prepare all of your training sessions. To lighten your schedule we have prepared an exclusive training session focused solely on finishing, because a letal finish is on of the most important features for a team. We suggest that you start your training session with the usual […]

Do you want to be a King-Coach in a Castle-Field?

Tactical Soccer is the perfect tool for you to rule your players. It’s your time to rule the championship! And did you know that is available a Tactical Boards Soccer Limited Edition? Go to our website and get yours now. Subscribe our Youtube channel to get in touch with all the news.   Watch the […]

Prepare your return to training with Dribbling Race!

Want to be the best coach that you can be? Improve your training sessions and explore all Tactical Soccer features. Visit our website and other blog posts to find more information. Don’t forget to take a look at our Youtube channel too!   Watch the video below!     We recommend: 1 vs 1 Two […]

10 Exercises for this week.

💡 If you want to export a video of the exercise make sure you are connected to the internet. [layerslider id=”49″] Click HERE to check our video!   This Week Target Players 14 Target Players 8 4vs4 Plus 4 with Minigoals Crossing Runs 1 4vs2 Each Half 4vs2 Finishing Game Duck Duck Goose Group Shadows […]

10 Exercises for this week.

💡 If you want the photos of the players to be displayed correctly use image below for a reference. You also can use this reference image for your club logo. [layerslider id=”48″] Click HERE to check our video!   This Week Multiple 1vs1 Plus 4+4 Middle Target Zone 5vs3 Forward Passes 4 Target Players 5 […]

10 Exercises for this week.

💡 Every time you add a new Match in Match Stats & Reports, it will be automatically added to the calendar. [layerslider id=”47″] Click HERE to check our video!   This Week 5vs2 Keep Away 1 Passing SSG Middle Goal 4 7vs2 Possession Game Passing SSG Middle Goal Passes Into Target Areas 3 Passing SSG […]

10 Exercises for this week.

💡 Players positions can be expanded indefinitely inside the Settings Menu. You also can edit the existing ones or delete them. [layerslider id=”46″] Click HERE to check our video!   This Week Crossing 3 Pass Striker 2 6vs3 Keep Away Awareness Game 2 5vs3 Possession and Finishing Passing End Zones with Targets Passing Corner x […]