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Technology is our expertise, soccer is our passion

We strive to assist Soccer Coaches to improve their effectiveness and productivity

We are a company founded in 2007 focused on offering the best digital media solutions.

Apps, websites, digital platforms, multimedia content, digital distribution of content, OTT’s in short, everything that is the digitalization of processes, are what we do daily in brandit Digital Media Services.

From Barcelos, a city recognized nationally and internationally for the excellence of its artisans, we work for clients all over the world. We know that it is the excellence of our professionals who place our company in a prominent place. With offices in Lisbon and New York, we serve an extensive list of clients with a truly global reach. Over the years and through the projects we have implemented, we have acquired skills and knowledge that allow us, today, to be a reference in the market, with customers spread all over the world.

Tactical Soccer

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Scouting System combines the best from technology, with a long track record building scouting systems. Get to know more!
Tactical Soccer - Complete suite for soccer coaches
Soccer Hub | Leader in Online Education & Courses for Soccer Experts
The new Mourinho Tactical Board Pro software has all the tools that a football professional needs.