Tactical Soccer was developed in close collaboration with football coaches, clubs, schools and academies.

Who Uses Tactical Soccer

Tactical Soccer helps to develop more effective and successful players and coaches across all levels:

  • football schools, training academies, youth, high school and college teams
  • training in clubs and football associations
  • amateur and pro clubs

Adapting a successful European product, we consulted with coaches, football associations, academies and clubs to develop relevant tools to fulfil the most intrinsic needs in football

Designed to improve coaching ability – and to save time

  • Utilize on any device – iPad, Mac, PC or phone (coming soon)
  • For use by a single coach or an entire club
  • A powerful and extensive app (not a website)
  • Works offline / no internet connection required
  • Utilizes best practices from top European pro teams & academies
  • Tailored specifically for football development training

Easily create exercises, set pieces, training sessions, match formations, line-ups, strategies and more

  • Your tactics library is secure in cloud storage
  • Drills / practices / pre-match strategy / sideline adjustments / post-match education
  • Total flexibility in naming any tactic / easily edit any exercise / extensive search capability
  • Powerful animation that’s easy to use

Build a tactical and training library and consolidate player, team and match data

  • All of your exercises, set pieces, line-ups, etc. in a single place
  • Create and maintain all player, team & scheduling details
  • Developed for coaches at all levels: individuals, coaches with multiple teams and clubs with multiple coaches
  • Easily edit all content including exercises, training sessions, player rosters, etc.
  • No need to re-create from scratch every season

Create and analyze statistics

  • Easy to use match scorebook – for coach, team statistician or parent
  • Analyze key metrics (shots, saves, tackles, cautions, etc.)
  • Create player & match reports (PDF)
  • Evaluate and share match & season statistics

Easily share info with your players, other coaches and parents

  • Training sessions
  • Practice / match schedule
  • Match formations & strategies
  • Statistics, player analysis, match reports etc.

Affordable pricing

  • Individual youth or high school coaches
  • Large club / academy teams
  • College coaches
  • Major football teams
  • State associations
  • Amateur & semi-pro teams
  • Football organizations

The Player Companion App is designed to help
players and parents keep up with a player’s evolution and performance.

Ask your coach for an invite and you can easily track statistics,
performance reports and your schedule.


Group Membership – a personalized version of Tactical Soccer for your Club

  • Allows your club to set up a comprehensive library of exercises, tactics, match formations, etc. which can be accessed by and shared with all authorized users of Tactical Soccer
  • Allows for an Administrator to set various levels of user access (e.g., potentially limit coach access to data for only his / her players, etc.); the Administrator would have access to all player details (including parental contacts, etc.)
  • We can upload any player data that you provide for the entire club, limiting the time required to manually input a large amount of data
  • We can tailor an introductory webinar for your club to conduct demos, answer any questions, etc. and schedule subsequent club webinars on a periodic basis
  • We can assign a dedicated account executive to assist your club on an ongoing basis

And more…

Create Levels of User Management Access for Groups

Manage user privileges and access on group accounts

Sync with Multiple Devices

All data is secured and synced across your authorized devices

Works Offline

Keep working while you’re offline and sync later

Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS

Works on every major platform.
(iOS and Android tablet versions)

What our users are saying

As the coach of both high school and youth teams, I’ve learned that each season there’s quite a bit of planning and organization required.  I’ve successfully used Tactical Soccer to create and archive my various training sessions and then edit certain exercises for the different age levels.  I no longer need to re-create my season-long training curriculum from scratch each season.  After a quick online demo, I was easily able to master the animation functions on my Mac, making each session’s activities simple for my players to understand.  This app is a real time saver for me.

David DownsThe Masters School/Rivertowns United FC/ Chair, Everton FC Westchester (US Soccer Development Academy)

I’m a high school and youth soccer coach for more than 25 years, so it was exciting to be able to consolidate all of the drills I had in my head into an actual training session library. I find that players respond to brief, visual presentations and after a short time playing around with Tactical Soccer, I was able to easily create animations – and I’m no “tech” guy.

Phil WolstenholmeMillburn Soccer Club / Kent Place School

As someone who archives and frequently tinkers with my various exercises and training sessions, Tactical Soccer allows me to create, organize and search folders so that I can easily find and edit my work. The animation tool now adds another level to my training and match prep – and it’s intuitive and easy to use. Plus there’s so much more in terms of tracking and monitoring stats, including creating and sharing player and match reports with players and their parents. A great tool!

Mike PellicioBoys Director of Coaching, Spokane SC

Get updates on new features and be notified of upcoming demo / Q&A webinars

Get updates on new features and be notified of upcoming demo / Q&A webinars