Free Passing Drills for 5-year-old kids

Passing Drills – 4vs4 Cone Knock Down


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• team in possession passes the ball to knock over the opposing team’s cones from outside the end zone
• each time a team scores the cone is put back up again

• once a cone has been knocked over it stays down
• once a cone has been knocked over it is added to the scoring teams side (6 cones on one side versus 4 cones on the other)
• limit number of touches
• add a neutral player
• play 5v5, 6v6 etc.
• adjust size of field if necessary

• switch point of attack
• quick finish
• quality of preparation touch
• aggressive and positive mentality
• vision and anticipation
• placement versus power


Passing Drills – 1-2 Combinations


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• first player passes and receives the ball from at least three different wall players before he passes into the mini goal with one touch
• next player starts as soon as the previous player makes his second pass

• starting players must pass to to all wall players
• play with only two wall players on each side
• wall players must play one touch
• adjust spacing depending on the age and ability of the group

• weight of pass
• accuracy
• disguise
• vision
• first touch

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