What’s new in Tactical Soccer version 1.4.3

Exercises in Training Session menu can be watched before adding them to training session.


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Exercises in Training Session menu can be filtered by author.


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Now users can clone a Training Session.


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Now users can manually order and edit Folders/Groups.


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Now users can pin an object to same position on all the frames with one click.

If you click “Pin” button on one of the objects, all positions and rotations on all the animation frames will be set equal to current frame, see video example here



Official exercises are now separated from Public Exercises.

All Official Exercises are now located inside the “Library” tab instead of “Public Exercises”.


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Users now can filter theirs exercises by “Public Exercises”.

This permits users to know if they have any exercises shared with the community.

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In Exercises of Match Tactics group, users now can choose colors for the teams.

(previously locked to red and blue)


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Added “Competition” and “Season” to match details.

(Go to settings menu to expend the list)

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Contacts in Player Information now have buttons to invite players to use My Tactical Soccer

(mobile app for players)
This feature is created to help players and parents to keep up with a player’s performance.


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Player reports can now be ordered by name, date, type, evaluation and author.


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  • Improved touch registration in Scorebook.

  • Improved Contract creation for players.

  • Now users don’t need to edit Settings before creating new contract.

  • Improved search of Public Exercises.

  • Fixed animation bug for the ball. (Overlapping with other objects)

  • Fixed animation bug where rotation of object could clear/remove the lines.

  • Fixed search not showing correctly.

  • Fixed a bug where club logos would not appear.

  • Fixed a bug where after changing language not all text would change.

  • Fixed very rare bug where an object from animation could appear on top of a pop-up window or a menu.

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