The team behind Tactical Boards: Soccer

On this article we want to give you more information about the company that created Tactical Boards Soccer.

Brandit was founded in 2007, and grown from a small startup to a company with partners and clients all over the world, including Sony, Apple, Real Madrid, A.S. Monaco, Sampdoria, NSCAA, NFHS, Unicef, Maradona, Diego Costa, Falcao, Puma, Nike, Cristiano Ronaldo, and many more.

In our portfolio it’s possible to find other important soccer projects such as:


Last year, Brandit entered into a partnership with LFC International, LLC, a soccer-focused management consultancy based in New York City. LFC works with governing bodies, leagues, teams and other industry stakeholders around strategic business planning and project management and advises other entities and investor groups with regard to the business of soccer in the United States. LFC assisted Brandit in tailoring Tactical Soccer to a diverse U.S. soccer audience (

Tactical Boards Soccer is a software that helps coaches to be more productive and effective.

Create | Evaluate | Improve

With Tactical Boards it’s possible to work all levels and departments of a club, profissional or amateur.

This software allows the management of the daily tasks of a soccer team. Create exercises, create training sessions, create reports, evaluate teams, evaluate players, create stats, share match details, share training sessions and exercises, organize and schedule your daily activities with the calendar feature.

Our software helps developing a more effective and successful players and coaches analysis across all levels of the US soccer landscape:

  • Youth, High School and College Teams
  • US Soccer Development Academy Teams
  • US Amateur and Pro Clubs

Adapting a successful European product, we consulted with coaches, soccer associations, academies and clubs to develop relevant tools to address the various needs of a diverse U.S. soccer landscape.

Tactical Boards
Tactical Boards

Tactical Soccer helps to develop more effective and successful players and coaches across all levels of the US soccer landscape.

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