Group Membership – a personalised version of Tactical Soccer for your Club

The personalised Group Membership version of Tactical Boards Soccer allows your Club/ Academy/ Federation to:

> Setup a comprehensive library of exercises, tactics, match formations, etc. which can be accessed by and shared with all authorized users of Tactical Soccer

> Allows for an Administrator to set various levels of user access (e.g., potentially limit coach access to data for only his / her players, etc.); the Administrator would have access to all player details (including parental contacts, etc.)

> We can upload any player data that you provide for the entire club, limiting the time required to manually input a large amount of data

> We can tailor an introductory webinar for your club to conduct demos, answer any questions, etc. and schedule subsequent club webinars on a periodic basis

>We can assign a dedicated account executive to assist your club on an ongoing basis