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Free Dribbling Drills for 5-year-old kids

Dribbling Drills – Handball Tag

Handball Tag

Download Tactical Soccer to see animation!

• if runner gets tagged he becomes the tagger / picks up tagger’s pinnie
• runner is save if he has a ball in his hands
• runners can throw the ball around to save each other

• same game as before but all players dribble a ball
• adjust size of field and/or number of taggers/balls if necessary

• communication
• vision


Dribbling Drills – Multiple 1vs1s

Multiple 1vs1s

Download Tactical Soccer to see animation!

• players play three 1v1s
• players from one team start with the ball and play 1v1 with a player from opposing team
• players score by stopping the ball dead on opponent’s end line
• switch team that starts with ball after 4-5 minutes

• vary number of 1v1s playing at one time (2,4, 5 etc.)
• players who finished their 1v1 can stay on the field to support teammates
• players pass the ball back and forth with opposing player 4-5 times before they start playing 1v1

• change of speed & direction
• creativity
• set up defender
• protect the ball
• vision
• close control

Tactical Boards
Tactical Boards

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