Free Passing Drills for 5-year-old kids

Passing Drills – 3vs1 Plus 4


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• 3 attackers versus 1 defender play inside the grid
• 4 target players are positioned around the grid
• one outside player starts the game by passing to one of the attacking players
• attacking players try to connect three passes before they attempt to score by passing and receiving a pass from a different outside player from which the first pass came
• outside players must play one-touch
• switch roles after 3-4 minutes or if defender intercepts the ball 5 times

• limit number of touches for attacking team
• play 3v2, 4v2 etc.
• adjust spacing depending on the age and ability of the group

• first touch away from pressure
• create supporting angles
• vision
• body position – open to field
• decision making
• verbal and visual communication


Passing Drills – 3 Shot Sequence


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• first shot: players shoots a dead ball which cannot bounce before it goes into the goal
• second shot: player receives a pass from the side as shown (finish with instep)
• third shot: player receives a pass from straight ahead as shown (finish with inside)
• player must finish on goal one-touch

• switch sides
• specify how players must shoot (left or right foot, inside or laces, high or low etc.)
• adjust spacing depending on the age and ability of the group

• body mechanics and control of body
• body position and balance
• eye on ball
• quality of preparation touch
• contact surface
• aggressive and positive mentality
• placement versus power

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