Free Attacking Drills for 8-year-old kids

Attacking Drills – Channel Players 5

Channel Players 5

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• play 4v4
• players have a maximum of three touches in the middle zone
• unlimited touches in the channel areas
• goals count only if the final pass comes from inside the channel

• limited number of touches for players inside channel area
• player inside a channel cannot be challenged
• adjust spacing depending on the age and ability of the group

• quality of preparation touch
• aggressive and positive mentality
• vision and anticipation
• placement versus power
• positioning to gain an advantage
• accurate passing
• constant movement
• communication is vital
• good angle and distance of support to receive ball


Attacking Drills – 4vs4 Scrimmage with Offside Lines

4vs4 Scrimmage with Offside Lines

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• teams play 4v4 with goalies and offside lines
• third team practices juggling on the side line
• winner stays on and loser is replaced by the third team
• team scores most goals within 10 minutes

• if an attacker dribbles across offside line, he tries to beat the goalie in a 1v1 situation (2 points)
• minimum of three touches
• adjust size of field if necessary

• take on defender
• quick finish
• good first touch
• attack open space

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