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Free Attacking Drills for 5-year-old kids

Attacking Drills – Numbers Game 2

Numbers Game 2

Download Tactical Soccer to see animation!

• coach calls out a number and an equal number of players come on the field to play with the ball distributed by the coach
• game continues until a goal is scored or the ball goes out of bounds

• one teammate of the player that wins the ball distributed by the coach enters the grid to make it a 2v1 situation
• coach has the team that lasts conceded a goal play with numbers up (4v3, 3v2, 2v1 etc.)

• good supporting angle
• quick finish
• quick transitions
• communication
• vision
• change of speed & direction
• close control


Attacking Drills – Crossing 1

Crossing 1

Download Tactical Soccer to see animation!

• play 6v6
• goals are set up diagonally from one another
• goals after a cross count double

• goals must come off headers or volleys
• limit a number of touches
• adjust a size of the field if necessary

• vision and awareness
• communication
• quick transition
• keep balance

Tactical Boards
Tactical Boards

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