Endow your players with offensive skills!

The offensive process represents an extremely important phase in a soccer game. In it, the team in possession of the ball moves in the opponent’s half of the field, using the various individual or collective methodologies with the final objective of scoring a goal.

During the different moments of the game, the offensive process constantly undergoes some mutations, depending on the opponent and their adaptation to the game that you want to see your team play.

Providing players with offensive skills so that they can, during the soccer game, change the course of the offensive process in a close match so that they can reach the goal is extremely important for a coach.

Bearing in mind the need for coaches to plan the offensive sector and equip their players with offensive skills, we have prepared a new video with attacking exercises.

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Watch the video below!


Check the coaching points of our suggested exercises bellow:

2 vs 2 Attacking - Tactical Boards Soccer 2 vs 2 Attacking

Coaching Points
– Set up defender; supporting angle and distance to the ball; create space for others; attack space behind defense; quality of preparation touch; aggressive and positive mentality; vision and anticipation; placement versus power; angle and distance of cover; change the role of pressure and cover; visual and verbal communication; control and restraint; delay and channel.

3 vs 2 attacking 2 - Tactical Boards Soccer 3 vs 2 attacking 2

Coaching Points
– Supporting angle and distance to the ball; set up defender; attack open space; change of speed & direction; quick transitions; cover space; quick finish.

4 Goals + End Zones - Tactical Boards Soccer 4 Goals + End Zones

Coaching Points
– Change of direction and speed; deception; set up defender; protect the ball; vision; angle, distance and timing of support; decision making; verbal and visual communication.

4 vs 2 with Mini-Goal - Tactical Soccer 4 vs 2 with Mini-Goal

Coaching Points
– Angle, distance and timing of support; vision; body position – open to the field; decision making; verbal and visual communication; the weight of pass; accuracy; disguise; first touch.

4 vs 4 Plus 2 Target Players - Tactical Boards Soccer 4 vs 4 Plus 2 Target Players

Coaching Points
– Accurate passes; quick decision making; quick finish; good angle of support; movement on and off the ball; quick transitions; find the open space.

Attacking Play with Neutrals - Tactical Boards Soccer Attacking Play with Neutrals

Coaching Points
– Angle, distance, and timing of support; body position – open to the field; decision making; verbal and visual communication; quick finish; support position lateral to the ball; switch point of attack; spread out the attack.

Channel Players 1 - Tactical Boards Soccer Channel Players 1

Coaching Points
– Shift as a unit; constant movement; communication is vital; create supporting angles; combination play.

Crossing 1 - Tactical Boards Soccer Crossing 1

Coaching Points
– Vision and awareness; communication; quick transition; keep balance.


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