Build your team’s defense!

A cohesive defensive sector is extremely important for a team’s performance. It is common to hear that a team starts to be built from the back and that is not necessarily a lie.

A well-integrated defensive sector and focused on the aspects that the coach considers imperative is a good way to establish confidence in the rest of the team. Knowing what to count on in defense can thus give greater security to athletes from the other sectors to give their best and shine in each game.

To help each and every coach prepare training sessions focused on defending exercises for their athletes, we have prepared a new video. You can apply these exercises together or separately.

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Watch the video below!


Check the coaching points of our suggested exercises bellow:

Match Condition - Tactical Boards Soccer Match Condition

Coaching Points
– Explosiveness; exploit space; get a defender off balance; change of speed & direction; protect the ball; take on a defender.

Middle Target Zones - Tactical Boards Soccer Middle Target Zones

Coaching Points
– Quick finish; communication; first touch; vision; constant movement; angles of support to receive the ball.

Sudden Transition - Tactical Boards Soccer Sudden Transition

Coaching Points
– Support position lateral to ball; combination play (1-2, double pass, overlap, take over); unbalancing the defense; create space for others; attack space behind defense; supporting angle and distance to the ball; quick transition; positioning to provide cover and balance; defend vital space – squeeze toward the center (compactness-concentration); defend space behind; track players.

Target Passing with Defenders 2 - Tactical Soccer Target Passing with Defenders 2

Coaching Points
– Change of direction and speed; deception; set up defender; protect the ball; vision; close control; accuracy; aggressive and positive mentality; placement versus power.

Transitions Game 6 - Tactical Boards Soccer Transitions Game 6

Coaching Points
– Communication; support teammates; fast transitions; spread out; quick finish; switch point of attack; quick decision making.

Triangular Cone Goals - Tactical Boards Soccer Triangular Cone Goals

Coaching Points
– Decision making; verbal and visual communication; change of speed & direction; set up defender; protect the ball; vision; close control.

Zone 1v1- Tactical Boards Soccer Zone 1v17

Coaching Points
– Deception; set up defender; change of speed & direction; protect the ball; vision; close control; closing down; angle and speed of approach; body shape, balance, and foot positioning; timing and decision to tackle.


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