Free Attacking Drills for 8-year-old kids

Attacking Drills – Numbers Game

Numbers Game

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• each team lines up on own goal line
• each player on each team is assigned a number (1-4)
• when coach calls out a number the player with that number runs into the grid to compete for a ball being distributed by the coach
• both players play 1v1 and try to score in the opponents’ mini goal

• the team that last conceded a goal gets to have one more player on the grid than the opponent to make it a 2v1 situation
• one teammate of the player that wins the ball distributed by the coach enters the grid to make it a 2v1 situation
• call out more than just one number to create a 2v2, 3v3s, 4v4s etc.
• adjust spacing depending on the age and ability of the group if necessary

• vision
• change of speed & direction
• close control
• communication
• set up defender


Attacking Drills – Striker in Attacking Zone 3

Striker in Attacking Zone 3

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• each team defends one goal
• play 4v4 in the middle zone
• one striker in each end zone
• all players must stay in their designated zone
• teams must connect three passes before they can pass to the attacking player in the end zone
• the attacking player then lays off for a shot on goal as shown
• switch players in end zones

• play with 2 mini goals on each goal line
• play 5v5, 6v6, 7v7 in the middle zone etc.
• strikers inside the end zone are neutral which allows teams to score on both goals
• limit number of touches for strikers
• adjust spacing depending on the age and ability of the group

• weight of pass
• accuracy
• disguise
• quality of preparation touch
• aggressive and positive mentality
• vision and anticipation
• placement versus power
• positioning to gain an advantage
• angle, distance and timing of support
• body position – open to field
• decision making
• verbal and visual communication

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