Brandit Group signs a partnership agreement with Club Deportivo Universidad Católica

Brandit Group signs a partnership agreement for the use of Scouting System Pro platform with Club Deportivo Universidad Católica from Chile, current champion of the Chilean League.

For Jose Maria Buljubasich, Sports Manager of Club Deportivo Universidad Católica “Scouting is very important. Scouting System Pro will help us saving and later searching for all the information related to the players that we are following both in general, and individually and specifically. It also allows us making decisions much quicker, something key in this area, and that is due to the practical and easy way to find the information stored over time. All this helps to reduce the margin of error, to be more precise and efficient when hiring.”

Scouting System Pro is an app used by a various number of clubs around the world.
This application helps scouts to collect more effectively all the information they need to produce their reports.

Scouting System Pro will provide Club Deportivo Universidad Católica’s club with new work tools to organize and improve their scouting team. For Jose Maria Buljubasich, “today, it is also key to make use of technologies and to be at the forefront in each area, in scouting we seek within our reality to obtain the best possible results, which in this case translates into players whose hires are profitable in all aspects for the club and we believe that Scouting System Pro will be of great contribution.”

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