Tactical Soccer - Defending Exercises

Evolve your team’s dribbling skills!

Dribbling is an important gesture mostly used in the offensive process, and it allows the player to progress with the ball on the field or get rid of an opponent.

Dribbling is also one of the techniques most appreciated by fans in a football game. Successfully passing an opponent creates an atmosphere in the game that enhances him.

However, dribbling as a game technique must be trained in such a way that it is 100% effective. In this sense, and to help you develop the quality and effectiveness of your players’ dribbling, we have prepared a new video with dribbling exercises.

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Watch the video below!


Check the coaching points of our suggested exercises bellow:

1 vs 1 Goal Target Player 1 - Tactical Boards Soccer1 vs 1 Goal Target Player 1

Coaching Points
– Deception; set up defender; protect the ball; vision; close control; agility and balance; change of direction and speed; the weight of pass; accuracy; disguise.

2 vs 2 Tournament - Tactical Boards Soccer2 vs 2 Tournament

Coaching Points
– Angle, distance and timing of support; vision; decision making; verbal and visual communication; change of direction and speed; deception; setting up defender; protecting the ball; angle and distance of cover; intercept passes; track recovery runs; change role of pressure and cover; visual and verbal communication.

3 vs 3 Target Players - Tactical Boards Soccer3 vs 3 Target Players

Coaching Points
– Create space for others; spread out the attack; supporting angle and distance to the ball; combination play (1-2, double pass, overlap, take over); the weight of the pass; accuracy; vision; first touch.

4 vs 3 with 5 Cone Goals4 vs 3 with 5 Cone Goals

Coaching Points
– Support teammates from good angle; quick transitions; switch point of attack; set up defender; change of speed & direction; protect the ball; vision; close control; create space for others; attack space behind defense; position to provide cover and balance; intercept pass; squeeze toward center; defending space behind; track players.

Alien vs Predator - Tactical Boards SoccerAlien vs Predator

Coaching Points
– Change of direction and speed; deception; set up defender; protect the ball; vision; close control.

Cone Dribbling 8 - Tactical Boards SoccerCone Dribbling 8

Coaching Points
-Body mechanics; agility and balance; contact surface of the foot; close control; the weight of pass; accuracy.

Diamond Dribble Pass 3 - Tactical Boards SoccerDiamond Dribble Pass 3

Coaching Points
– Timing; agility and balance; change of speed & direction; close control; soft touches; the weight of pass; accuracy.


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