Master the game with these new Ball Control Exercises!

In a soccer game, ball control is essential for a team. Ball control is essential for any intervention in a soccer game.

From passing and receiving the ball to offensive progression and defensive imbalance to scoring opportunities, all these processes imply a good ability to control the ball.

As we know how important it is for coaches to plan the new season in advance, we have prepared a new video with ball control exercises that you can apply to your team’s training.

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Watch the video below!


Check the coaching points of our suggested exercises bellow:

Line Dribble 2 - Tactical Boards Soccer Line Dribble 2

Coaching Points
– Soft touches; close control; body mechanics; agility and balance; good turns; head up.

Soccer Ping Pong - Tactical Boards Soccer Soccer Ping Pong

Coaching Points
– Soft-touch; close control; eye on the ball; angle, distance and timing of support; vision; body position – open to the field; decision making; verbal and visual communication.

Tricks and Turns 1 - Tactical Boards Soccer Tricks and Turns 1

Coaching Points
– Close control; use both feet; head up; change of direction; agility and balance; tight turns.

Warm Up 9 - Tactical Boards Soccer Warm Up 9

Coaching Points
– Body mechanics; agility and balance; the contact surface of the foot; change of speed & direction; acceleration; close control; soft touches.

Warm Up 17 - Tactical Boards Soccer Warm Up 17

Coaching Points
– Head up; close control of the ball; tight turns; agility and balance.


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