Give your team’s defensive formation more cohesion!

Defensive organization in a soccer team is one of the main aspects to take into account when a coach wants to form a successful team.

Closing the spaces between defenses, knowing how to maintain a high defensive line without giving the opponent space to escape or covering man-to-man are very important during a game.

The success of a team’s defensive formation can often mean the success of an entire team since having a stable defense makes it easier for a team to start its attacking process.

To help you develop or create alternatives for your team’s defensive process, we created a new video with defending exercises.

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Watch the video below!


Check the coaching points of our suggested exercises bellow:

1 vs 1 Four Cone Goals - Tactical Boards Soccer 1 vs 1 Four Cone Goals

Coaching Points
– Close control; set up defender; seal off defender; change of speed & direction; protect the ball; decision making; verbal and visual communication.

3 vs 3 Plus Wall Players - Tactical Boards Soccer 3 vs 3 Plus Wall Players

Coaching Points
– Accurate passes; quick decision making; quick finish; good angle of support; communication; vision.

4 vs 4 Wall Players and End Zones - Tactical Boards Soccer 4 vs 4 Wall Players and End Zones

Coaching Points
– Constant movement; angle, distance and timing of support; vision; body position — open to the field; decision making; verbal and visual communication; good first touch into space.

6 Goal Game with Sweeper - Tactical Boards Soccer 6 Goal Game with Sweeper

Coaching Points
– Switch point of attack; awareness of goalkeeper’s position; quick finish; attack open space; spread out the attack; shift as a unit; vision; communication.

Four Goal Game - Tactical Boards Soccer Four Goal Game

Coaching Points
– Switch point of attack; attack open space; change of direction and speed; deception; set up defender; vision; close control; quick finish.


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