Make your team’s finishing ability even better!

In a soccer game, the successive offensive processes of each team represent the most important phases during the game. The team that holds the ball, attacks and tries to score without any infractions such as fouls or out of play.

In addition to unbalancing the defense and surprising the opponent, the offensive process of a game culminates with the finishing of the move.

The finishing must therefore be fulminating and powerful so as not to give the opponent any chance of defense.

To develop more and more the finishing ability of the players of your team and to obtain better and better results, we have prepared for you, a new video with finishing exercises.

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Watch the video below!


Check the coaching points of our suggested exercises bellow:

1 vs 1 Chase - Tactical Boards Soccer 1 vs 1 Chase

Coaching Points
-Get the shot off as quickly as possible; aggressive and positive mentality; eye on the ball; accuracy over power; try to be deceptive with the shot; look to seal off defenders.

1 vs 1 Finishing Drill 5 - Tactical Boards Soccer 1 vs 1 Finishing Drill 5

Coaching Points
– Close control; seal off defender; protect the ball; quick finish; the weight of pass; accuracy; quality of preparation touch; aggressive and positive mentality; placement versus power.

4 vs 4 Dribbling Line - Tactical Boards Soccer 4 vs 4 Dribbling Line

Coaching Points
– Support teammates from a good angle; quick transitions; spread out; quick finish; switch point of attack; set up defender.

Cone Knock Down 4 - Tactical Boards Soccer Cone Knock Down 4

Coaching Points
– Quick decision making; quick finish; good angle of support; movement on and off the ball; quality of preparation touch; aggressive and positive mentality; vision and anticipation; placement versus power.

Pass and Shoot Sequence 20 - Tactical Boards Soccer Pass and Shoot Sequence 20

Coaching Points
– Angle and speed of approach; body shape, balance, and foot positioning; timing and decision to tackle.


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