Ball control in a soccer game!

Ball control is, in a soccer player, one of the most important characteristics and one of the biggest factors of differentiation between players.

Knowing how to be positioned on the field, studying the possibilities of play in a fast and millimetre way, receiving the ball well, passing or dribbling an opponent while maintaining possession of the ball or starting a dangerous play are very important factors in a soccer game.

Each coach, when planning the tactical scheme of his team, has very definite ideas about ball control of his team and the best way to proceed with ball transition.

To help you in this preparation we have created a new video with ball control exercises.

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Watch the video below!


Check the coaching points of our suggested exercises bellow:

Coordination Exercise - Tactical Boards Soccer Coordination Exercise

Coaching Points
-Body mechanics and control of the body; body position and balance; quick adjustment.

Juggling Activity - Tactical Boards Soccer Juggling Activity

Coaching Points
– Body mechanics; agility and balance; the contact surface of the foot; close control; focus.

Knock Out 1- Tactical Boards Soccer Knock Out 1

Coaching Points
– Agility and balance; deception; setting up defender; change of speed & direction; protecting the ball.

Tricks and Turns 3 - Tactical Boards Soccer Tricks and Turns 3

Coaching Points
– Agility and balance; the contact surface of the foot; deception; change of speed & direction; acceleration; close control; soft touch; creativity.

Warm Up 17 - Tactical Boards Soccer Warm Up 17

Coaching Points
– Head up; close control of the ball; tight turns; agility and balance.


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