Pass well to take the lead!

Know how to dribble the opponent is an important ability to have, as player. Although this ability is different from player to player, it can be trained.

At its core, dribbling consists of passing the opponent with a ball through feints or speed without affecting the possession of the ball and the team’s move.

In order to improve your team’s technical, which will allow you to develop your team’s dribbling capacity more and more, we prepared a new exclusive video with dribbling exercises.


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Watch the video below!


Check the coaching points of our suggested exercises bellow:

5 vs 2 Keep Away 1 - Tactical Soccer 5 vs 2 Keep Away 1

Coaching Points
– Angle, distance and timing of support, vision, body position, open to field, decision making.

Into the Open Space 3 - Tactical Soccer Into the Open Space 3

Coaching Points
– Communication, create supporting angles, vision, body position, open to field, decision making.

Middle Third Transition- Tactical Soccer Middle Third Transition

Coaching Points
– Vision, constant movement, angles of support to receive ball, good ball movement.

Passing Corner x 4 vol 2 - Tactical Soccer Passing Corner x 4 vol 2

Coaching Points
– Combination play, accuracy, quick decision making, changing the point of attack, good angle and distance of support to receive ball.


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