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3 new exercises to defend your championship standings!

Knowing how to defend well is crucial to the team and coaches’ success. However important it is to attack and score goals, if a team cannot keep their goal intact with a well-structured defense, they are unlikely to succeed in the championship.

Specifically thinking about developing your team’s defensive qualities, this week we prepared for you three new defense exercises.


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Watch the video below!


Check the coaching points of our suggested exercises bellow:

Match Condition - Tactical SoccerMatch Condition

Coaching Points
– Explosiveness; exploit space; get defender off balance; change of speed & direction; protect the ball; take on defender.

Transitions Game 6 - Tactical SoccerTransitions Game 6

Coaching Points
– Communication; support teammates; fast transitions; spread out; quick finish; switch point of attack; quick decision making.

Triangular Cone - Tactical SoccerTriangular Cone

Coaching Points
– Decision making; verbal and visual communication; change of speed & direction; set up defender; protect the ball.


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