This week we give you warm-up exercises

We know that preparing training sessions two or three times a week can be stressful and sometimes warm-up exercises can be monotonous given the repetition.

However, warm-up exercises are the kick-off from a good training session and are also essential for increasing blood flow and preventing future injuries.

Having a wide choice of warm-up exercises, as well as increasing the possibilities for the coach will certainly increase interest in players. With that in mind, we have prepared a collection of 6 warm-up exercises.

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Watch the video below!

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Yes, you can and is super simple! Just open Tactical Soccer and choose Training Sessions and then New Session. Fill up all the requested information and you are ready to go!

Tactical Soccer will then allow you to choose the exercises (warm-up, drills, attacking, defense, possession, etc) to be added to the training session. You can choose between your own exercises or the ones available on the public library.


Check the coaching points of our suggested exercises bellow:

Ball Control Finishing Drill - Tactical Soccer Ball Control Finishing Drill

Coaching Points
– Top Scorer; ball control; maximum speed; eyes on the ball

Warm Up 1 - Tactical Soccer Warm Up 1

Coaching Points:
– Close control; soft touches; constant movement; body mechanics; agility and balance; contact surface of foot; change of speed & direction

Line Dribble 2 - Tactical Soccer Line Dribble 2

Coaching Points
– Soft touches; close control; body mechanics; agility and balance; good turns; head up

Soccer Ping Pong - Tactical Soccer Soccer Ping Pong

Coaching Points:
– Soft touch; close control; eye on the ball; angle, distance and timing of support; vision; body position – open to field; decision making

Warm Up 17 - Tactical Soccer Warm Up 17

Coaching Points:
– Head up; close control of ball; tight turns; agility and balance

Line Dribble 1 - Tactical Soccer Line Dribble 1

Coaching Points:
– Body mechanics; agility and balance; head up; close control; soft touches; increase speed slowly


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