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We recommend:

1vs1 Two Goal Finish 1 vs 1 Two Goal Finish

Coaching Points:
– Attacking: quick finish, good first touch, change of speed & direction, protect the ball

– Defending: angle and speed of approach, body shape, balance, and foot positioning, timing and decision to tackle

4 Box game 4 Box Game

Coaching Points:
– Attacking: switch point of attack, attack open space, take on defender, protect the ball

– Defending: delay and channel, angle and distance of cover, change role of pressure and cover, defend space behind

4vs2 Keep Away 4vs2 Keep Away

Coaching Points:
– Angle, distance and timing of support, body position – open to field, decision making, good first touch takes ball away from pressure

Body Part Tag Body Part Tag

Coaching Points:
– Close control of the ball at all times, attack open space, head up, low center of gravity

Dribbling Race Dribbling Race

Coaching Points:
– Agility and balance, contact surface of foot, change of speed & direction, close control


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