Weaken the opponent’s defense!

It is increasingly important to develop the finishing ability of a team.

Currently, there are several teams with defensive walls, practically invincibles and, for this same reason, it is extremely important that the opponent’s offensive sectors are able to overcome these difficulties by creating spaces, danger and scoring goals.

It is usual to keep in mind that the maximum exponent of a team with a good finishing game is the number of goals scored by it. And it is not entirely wrong to think that way. However, to score goals it is necessary to weaken the defense and break with the defensive formations, and that is the great secret of a good finishing game.

To help you prepare training sessions focused on finishing, we have prepared a new video with finishing exercises.

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Watch the video below!


Check the coaching points of our suggested exercises bellow:

2 vs 1 Attacking - Tactical Boards Soccer 2 vs 1 Attacking
Coaching Points
– Agility and balance; contact surface of the foot; deception; set up defender; change of speed & direction; protect the ball; vision; close control; soft touch.
8 Goal Game - Tactical Boards Soccer 8 Goal Game
Coaching Points
– Angle, distance and timing of support; decision making; verbal and visual communication; quality of preparation touch; aggressive and positive mentality; vision and anticipation; placement versus power; switch point of attack.
Finishing Game 5 - Tactical Boards Soccer Finishing Game 5
Coaching Points
– Body mechanics and control of the body; body position and balance; eye on the ball; quality of preparation touch; contact surface; aggressive and positive mentality; vision and anticipation; placement versus power; positioning to gain an advantage.
Pair Shooting with Defender - Tactical Boards Soccer Pair Shooting with Defender

Coaching Points
– Quality of preparation touch; get the shot off as quickly as possible; aggressive and positive mentality; if the goalkeeper charges out – slot the ball under him or dribbles around him; defender must force the attacker to one side; close down shooter quickly.


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