Evolve your team’s pass quality!

The quality of a team’s pass depends a lot on the technical quality of its players, but also on the coach’s idea of ​​play.

It is clear that the quantity and quality of passes can be decisive factors for the success of a team. This is due not only to the fluidity of the game but also due to the relentless search for new spaces, distracting the opposing team, enabling a greater number of attacks, which can be decisive.

As a coach, so you can enhance all the qualities of your players, increase your performance, and obtain better results, we have prepared a new video with passing exercises.

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Watch the video below!


Check the coaching points of our suggested exercises bellow:

4 vs 2 with End Zone - Tactical Boards Soccer 4 vs 2 with End Zone

Coaching Points
– Create space for others; spread out the attack; angle, distance and timing of support; vision; decision making; verbal and visual communication; set up defender; protect the ball; first touch.

5 vs 3 Multiple Targets - Tactical Boards Soccer 5 vs 3 Multiple Targets

Coaching Points
– Decision making; communication; create supporting angles; quick transitions; quick finishing; quality of preparation touch; aggressive and positive mentality; placement versus power.

Forward Passes 7

Coaching Points
– Angle, distance and timing of support; vision; body position; decision making; verbal and visual communication; spread out the attack; quick finish; first touch takes the ball away from pressure; support position lateral to the ball.


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