Develop your team’s defense!

In soccer, we are often confronted with the saying that a team is built backward, from defense to attack and not the other way around. What is certain is that a team with a structured and secure defense is more likely to be successful in the championship.

At a time when many coaches are already thinking about pre-season and ways to effectively develop the defense of their teams, we have prepared a new video with defending exercises.

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Watch the video below!


Check the coaching points of our suggested exercises bellow:

Make it, Take it! - Tactical Boards Soccer Make it, Take it!

Coaching Points
– Positioning to provide cover and balance; intercept passes; squeeze toward the center; track players; visual and verbal communication.

Middle Target Zones  - Tactical Boards Soccer Middle Target Zones

Coaching Points
– Quick finish; communication; first touch; vision; constant movement; angles of support to receive the ball.

Sudden Transition

Coaching Points
– Quick transition; positioning to provide cover and balance; defend vital space – squeeze toward the center (compactness-concentration); defend space behind; track players.


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