Boost your team’s dribbling ability !

In soccer, there are many game techniques that stand out, not only for their effectiveness in a game, but also for the beauty of their performance.
One of the techniques that most embellishes a soccer game and leaves fans in high spirits is dribbling.
Knowing how to dribble the ball is not only an effective game technique to ward off opponents or maintain possession of the ball, but it is also one of the techniques that make players who dominate it shine the most.
Dribbling the ball is therefore crucial for the performance of a good player, for the performance of the team, to unbalance the opponent and, of course, for a great soccer show.
Develop your team’s dribbling ability with our new dribbling exercises video.


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Watch the video below!


Check the coaching points of our suggested exercises bellow:

Attackers vs Defenders 3 - Tactical Boards Soccer Attackers vs Defenders 3

Coaching Points
– Set up defender; change of speed & direction; protect the ball; vision; close control; supporting angle and distance to ball; create space for others; angle and distance of cover; change role of pressure and cover.

Channel Possession Game 5  - Tactical Boards Soccer Channel Possession Game 5

Coaching Points
– Constant movement; angle, distance and timing of support; vision; body position – open to field; decision making; speed of play; accuracy; switch point of attack.

Six Goal Scrimmage

Coaching Points
– Quick transition; switch point of attack; deception; set up defender; protect the ball; close control; angle and speed of approach; control and restraint; delay and channel; intercept pass.


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